Minas Basin

In Micmac legend the Basin was originally the beaver pond of the man-god Glooscap.

Minas BasinMinas Basin, the southern branch of the upper Bay of Fundy, is a semi-enclosed, silted-up remnant of a 200 million-year-old rift valley, once located near the Equator. In Micmac legend the Basin was originally the beaver pond of the man-god Glooscap, who lived on Cape Blomidon at the base of Cape Split. Angry at the resident giant beaver for mocking his magical power, Glooscap broke the beaver dam allowing seawater to flood in, accounting for the Micmac name "Pleegum" or, "opening made in the beaver dam", for the narrow channel off Cape Split. "Minas" is derived from "Les Mines", a name optimistically given by early French explorers to this southernmost branch of the inner Bay of Fundy. They clearly had hopes of mining in the area, after finding copper at Cape D’Or and semi precious minerals on the beaches. Situated entirely within Nova Scotia, Minas Basin forms an arrowhead-shaped intrusion into the very heart of the province. Four counties, with a combined population of 180,000, surround it. Truro, with 12,000 people, is the largest urban centre, and there are only five other towns with more than a thousand residents. Most of the population is spread out in villages and rural areas.

Minas BasinMinas Basin is comprised of four distinct regions: Minas Channel at the mouth; central Minas Basin; a southward bulge called the Southern Bight; and Cobequid Bay, forming the innermost extremity. Sometimes, only the latter three areas are considered Minas Basin proper; but here we include the Minas Channel, the arrowhead’s shaft, as an integral part. The spine of this Channel is a 50 kilometre long, S-shaped, 100-metre deep trench that snakes around Cape Split and links the Basin to the Bay of Fundy. At its westernmost end, flanked by Cape Chignecto to the north and Harbourville to the south, the Channel is 24 kilometres wide. It is narrowest, only 5 kilometres wide, at its easternmost end between Partridge Island (near Parrsboro) and Cape Blomidon. Over much of its 75,000-hectare area, the water depth averages only 25 to 50 metres at low tide, but the central trench is up to 115 metres deep.

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