Island Hopping to PEI

The moment you lay eyes on the red cliffs of the Island shores, you know that something very special is in store.

Island Hopping to PEIPictou

While the town of Pictou is famous for being the landing site of the ship Hector and its Scottish immigrant passengers in the late 1700s, its history as a settlement goes back much further. The original Mi’kmaq inhabitants called the area Pictook, meaning ‘exploding gas’, possibly a sound that came from coal fields in the region. The region was rich with an abundance of seafood and wildlife and the Mi’kmaq people helped the early settlers in learning the ways of this new land.

Pictou Island

Pictou Island was settled in the early 1800s by Irish and Scottish immigrants, a hard-working, independent people who survived by farming and fishing. The pioneers left a legacy of self-sufficiency, co-operation, public service, and a keen sense of fun that current Islanders strive to uphold.

The island today is home to a community of year-round and seasonal residents, and a haven for many cottagers and visitors.

Island Hopping to PEIWood Islands

From the moment you lay eyes on the red sandy cliffs of the Island shores at Wood Islands, you know that something very special is in store for you. And this is where it all begins. This quaint farming and fishing community is your gateway to the stunning east coast of spectacular Prince Edward Island. Upon arrival on the Confederation Ferry, visitors have plenty of options to choose from to explore the region’s culture, beauty, nature, and scenery.


Located in beautiful Nova Scotia and overlooking the picturesque Northumberland Strait. Malagash is a quiet rural community just off the Sunrise Trail between Pugwash and Tatamagouche. A scenic 1.5 hour drive from the Halifax or Moncton airports.

Island Hopping to PEISightseeing flights are offered in one of our Cessna 172 aircraft that will carry up to three passengers (maximum total passenger weight is 500 lbs).

It is useful to book ahead as aircraft are rented on a first come first serve basis.

Pleasure flights are conducted only in good weather and so if conditions are poor at the time of the scheduled flight we will do our best to reschedule.

Visitors are always very welcome and so feel free to come out and look around the club at any time and talk to our manager and pilots.

All tours provide great photo opportunities!

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